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Change Wordpress Domain Name

  • Useful if you want to change your current Wordpress domain name

  • Ensure that your Wordpress works perfectly after domain name change

RM350.00 One Time
Wordpress Migration Service

  • Only applicable if your current website is using Wordpress

  • applicable to any host

  • This migration move your current Wordpress site to our server

RM350.00 One Time
Wordpress Optimization

  • Optimize your Wordpress site for you

  • Ensure your Wordpress runs less than 7 seconds! just like ours!

  • Great SEO benefit

  • The following will be performed

      • Caching

      • Create Generic CDN

      • Image Optimization

      • Auto Wordpress Update

      • Secure Wordpress

      • Lazy Loading

      • Minified CSS/JS

      • Auto backup to remote server

      • Auto DB optimization

      • and etc.

RM350.00 One Time
Wordpress Manual Hacked Restoration Service

  • Restore back your website as much as possible manually

  • Remove any malware resist in your account as much as possible

RM500.00 One Time
Migrate WordPress to other hosting services
- For migration to other server/services outside TWOPIZ
RM500.00 One Time